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Reduced Painting Price


When it comes to finding low cost painting we try to make it easy on you to find us, With our reduced painting price we are making affordable room painting feasible we want you to be assured that your home painted by professional painters so do not use the words cheap painting we prefer to be called the most affordable painters.


Budget Painting 


What is inexpensive painting today the going rate is $2 / square ft would you say 0.35 cent / square foot is affordable painting especially if done by experienced painters. Most people when they see their painting quote describe us by saying we have reasonable painting prices.


Home Painting Should Be


We believe that home painting should not be a luxury that only the rich can afford painting brings colour and add personalization to a home. Everyone should be able to make their home feel like their own. That is why we brought in our low cost painting prices.


Most Affordable Painting 


Yes again we are considered one of the Top 10 Painters in London year after year our recommended painter review take us as the most talked about painting testimonials painters receive.


Go With Recommended Painters


When looking for a painter it is said that if you are to cheap their has to be a reason but if all the painting reviews tell otherwise the. You have to ask yourself do you want to spend more just because you want to give your hard earned money to someone else because that is his painting price. I would tell you to go with the recommended painter not just price if you can find both that is awesome.


Affordable Room Painting 


I like an aspect that you do not have to spend $600 on three rooms to be painted in the city of London instead why not look at our reasonable painting prices of $35 / room or for three rooms $105 wow what a difference now that is affordable room painting.



Top Best Painters


There is a reason that Painters London consistently keeps coming up in the top painting companies it is not just because we have the most affordable painting service the reason we keep coming up the top best painters is because we treat our customers like they are family. Our painting reviews as for recommend Painter reviews.

Unbelievable Painting Prices How


We.get ask all the time how do we keep our rates at such low cost painting prices. Easy experience, skill and knowledge we have abundance of all these. Our family has been Ontario painters for 5 generations. From the time we are small we are helping out learning the trade by first knowing the tools and setup from drop sheets to poles brushes and rollers. Most of us start painting small jobs around our own home from fences to the garage and move on to paint our own rooms. As a teenager we usually are working in the summer full time helping family paint.

Angus Painting

This we do not even count as years we have been doing this as this is not consistent through the year. At 19 most of us either keep on working as painters or move on Seann is one that decided to stick it out. Angus father of Seann now works for Seann before that it was Angus and Son painting or just Angus Painting,

House Painting Time 226-700-0405


Well if you have read all the way down to here then I suggested you call now and see for yourself how amazing of London painters we are as we like to say it is House Painting Time 226-700-0405

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