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Affordable House Painters London Ontario | Painters London

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London, ON 

Choosing A Painting Contractor

At PAINTERS LONDON, painting services we take pride in making sure your painting project be interior or exterior looks amazing. 

Next time you are looking for a Painting company near me ask yourself do they offer this much for value.

As homeowners, we understand how important the appearance of your home is to you so, when we add a fresh coat of paint be it in the same colour or different hue we make sure it looks it’s best. This can make a dramatic change for interior ambience for the home. If you are selling our exterior painters can transform your home adding the desired curb appeal that you need for first impressions. 

However, when you hire us as painting contractors, you get more than just the average London painting company. Even more than just affordable house painters. There is no other painting service like us. We seem to be giving it all away with affordable house painting as well unlimited workmanship guarantee as well as throwing in the huge saving of purchasing your paint. Buying paint is a huge money maker for painting companies they buy at wholesale and sell it to you marked up at retail. We rathe you have this huge savings. If we kept paint sale discount then we really would not be here to help you save money but just another gimmick to make sales.

Our primary objective is to make sure that we have you smiling when we finish painting your home. Your objective is to find a painting contractor that can do the job right and not take every thing you have to do it.

Why Choose US Over Others

We believe we are your best painting contractors for many reason be it your in need of exterior painting project to be done or Interior house painting we have you covered.  Here are some of the reason we will wow you into choosing us as your next residential painters

  • 30+ years Experienced Painting Contractors
  • Affordable Rolled Back To 1987 Prices, Yes That Low
  • Unbeatable - Unlimited Workmanship Guarantee
  • Professional, Friendly Service
  • No Contracts 
  • No Money Up Front “Pay When Job Is Done”
  • Additional Saving On Paint Purchase
  • Mostly Word Of Mouth Business 
  • 5 Generation Family Business 
  • Reliable. Punctual, Good All Around Guys
  • 4.5 Star Google, Yelp, HomeStar Reviews

Now offering painting affordability to more cities around Southwestern Ontario Look for our Painting Contractors in:

Arva, Byron, Dorchester, Ilderton, Ingersoll, Kilworth, Komoka, Lambeth, London, St Thomas, Thamesford, Thorndale, Wortley Village.

Mon - Fri 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM 

Sat 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM 

Sunday: Closed

73 Homan St London Ontario N5Z1A9