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London, ON 


London House Painting At It’s Best

Senior Discounts For Everyone

$35/ room, for 2 coats, at 10×10, 8 feet high. That is only 35cents/ square foot for London house painting

Each coat is only $17.50 per coat applied to the walls

No, we won’t just add one coat, unless it is for the whole house and it is a match colour from a colour code, not from a scraped off chip. and that is only so you can save on buying more paint.


We believe that quality painting counts, for it will show for a long time. When you have inferior work, it reflects badly on whoever did it. We pride our selves in providing quality painting workmanship. We are not just there to paint your home and run with our money. No, we are there to make your home look great just the way you expect it to.

So how do we keep our painting prices so affordable when everyone else is so high? That is the secret of Home Painters London no we let everyone know and lay out for anyone to do if they can.


We are 5th generation painters with 30+ years of experience, who have been taught skills and techniques that most painters do not apply.

We are not a full service painting company. So what is a full service painting company you ask? It is one who consults colours, picks up paint on their painting company tab and asks for money up front. They move the furniture and have you sign a contract.

So what makes us different? We realized we are not colour consultants. We are not interior designers or paint colour specialists. We are painters; really good house painters.


We will assist you in picking up the paint when you paint a whole house you have paid for it. You can even use our contract painters discounts at most premium paint stores, saving you even more money. 

For us to help you save so much money we ask you to move your furniture 2.5 feet away from the wall or into another room when it is permitting. We understand that sometimes a bed and frame can only be moved to one side of the room at a time.

Placing small furniture and items on top of the bed is another good place to get them out of the way. Curtains should be taken down and walls cleared of picture. We ask that you circle any holes that need to be patched with a pencil, not a pen.


The biggest thing that makes us different is that we ask for no money up front. You do not pay until job is done. And, there is no written contract.

We understand people change their minds and things come up in their lives where painting just doesn’t fit at this moment. Holding someone to the contract when these things happen is not us. We use the word of mouth contract for we also would like you to use word of mouth advertising for us and tell all your friends and family how happy you were with our painting work.


The full service painting company has to charge you for everything they do: their time is your money.We will do all these things too if you really want to pay for them. That room is now $250+ depending on paint. Yes, that’s right.

Here is the break down for the full service company: 1 hour to consult paint colour, 1 hour to pickup up paint wait in line, wait for them to mix.1 hour to move furniture to and fro, $35 to $75 for paint, then there is paint colour mistake $35 to $75 going back to paint store 1 hour.

Every hour is $50 or more. It adds up fast. We will do this if you want to pay for it, but like most people, we appreciate the ability to save money.


All we ask is for us to make a decent days wage is that you have a minimum of 3 rooms. thank you and God Bless.

So if you want an affordable professional house painter that will give you the quality you expect then give us a call now:

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