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Affordable House Painters London Ontario | Painters London

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London, ON 


Residential Painters & Painting In City of London

When looking for the most affordable painters in London Painters London is the smart choice. For those on a budget or need it to be cheaper than others though still require affordable quality

Angus and Son Painters in City of London

If you talk to paint stores and painters most of them know us either by name From Angus and  son (Seann)  have made a name in London. Angus for 55 years, Seann 31 painting London homes.

Budget Painting London Ontario

Seann business as residential painters has focused most of his energy on painting in the city of London.  That is why in 2014 he was more than glad to give back to London home owners with huge savings.  Creating the Largest house painting sale ever seen in Ontario.

London Painting Sale

When you are on a fixed income or on a budget Painters London painting sale is just right for you make us the best London painting company.

10 Best Painters in London

When it comes to the 10 best painters in London I have ever seen most would come from Painters London. Seann a fifth generation painter with a father with 17 siblings all learned to be painters.  Of course their kids a lot of them also became painters some in automotive some industrial but most as residential painters.

Fastest House Painters

Just to name a few Great house painters Grand father Paul (deceased) taught his children and wife how to do it right painting. Uncle Paul Jr. (deceased) best painter that ever lived with over 60 years experience.  He was the person who showed all of the younger group to do it professionally. .  Angus, Seann’s father has over 55 years experience he is best know for creating the $65 / room painting he learned that if you worked faster you could do it much cheaper with out sacrificing quality and service. Janette slow but steady perfect to a T . Reg one of the fastest painters with a roller he could roll out walls so fast in front of 3 cutters and he would have to take a nap to wait for them.

Painting Discount


Seann the Painter Painting owner operator Painters London was a late bloomer he set the bar on speed with a brush and affordability he lowered his dads price to $35/ rm and started to give away his painting discount at paint stores he streamlined his business model and learned people wanted to save on painting their homes and would do what they could to save on house painters. Home Painters London So if you are reading this as a home owner or need to get some painting done it really is a smart call to get Home Painters London to paint your house. Call now at 226-700-0405 and also save additional 30% off on paint

Painters London, Interior Painting Services Affordable Painting
Painters London, Painting Services Affordable Interior Painting
Painters London ON , Painting Services Affordable Painting

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