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Affordable House Painters London Ontario | Painters London

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Exterior House Painting London & Area


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London, ON 

Best Affordable Exterior House Painting


We provide house painting in London at great rates without sacrificing on quality. We even have outstanding customer service that goes beyond anything any one offers today. Our values are from thirty years ago when customers were valued. we believe that a customer is for life and that is how we want them to feel. As London’s only Professional Affordable Painting Service with prices from 1987.


Unfurnished Homes or Furnished Homes

2 coats applied to walls

10 x 10 x 8 ft high room

Larger rooms are extra at 35 cents / 55 cent per square foot

Higher than 8 feet moderately extra

High area’s like Foyer, Stairways or Grand rooms extra need to see to quote

Includes Kitchens and Bathrooms

All room smaller than 10 x 10 or 100 square still start at $35/$55

Small Holes Free

You move furniture 2.5 feet away from walls to help you save money

Ceiling and trim are extra at great price as well

You supply paint and save even more. Use Our Discount On Paint

$35 Unfurnished Minimum painting one floor approximately 5 rooms. $55 Furnished 3 room minimum. Please No Contractors, No Commercial

Reserve before we are booked up

This is for London, Byron Lambeth, Dorchester, Arva, Ilderton, Ingersoll, Thamesford, Thorndale, and Kilworth and Komoka, St Thomas now Ailsa Craig and Lucan all prices are now the same


As a house painting service we do everything that can be painted at unbelievable prices. It is like you went a big house painting sale if there is such a thing we are the first. There is budget painting amateur painters and want to be painters that did try to match our price five years ago I guess they realized they could not even come close. It takes real skill which you naturally gain speed from and that all comes with years of constantly improving on your knowledge and abilities.


How was partially answered above with knowledge and skill we are a fifth generation family painting company, Many people in this city no us as Angus and Seann and I dare not forget the best painter ever my late Uncle Paul. They are seventeen brothers and sisters which all learned how to paint from their mother and father which both were painters. Current owner Seann 30+ years experience with the knowledge and experience to make these amazing house painting prices available to you.

Why because we can, no just kidding the truth is God told me (Seann) to do it and I ain’t joking about that as the owner of Home Painters London I came A christian painter the day the prices got lowered. It is my way to help others and give back what was given to me. I hope I can do my best!

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