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BEST Exterior Painting


Wow, even after five years we are still the most affordable exterior painters in London we have had so many other painting companies phone us to either complain about our affordable painting that we should not be doing this. As well as try to steal our methods by having us come out to give them a quote does not work, so many have tried to copy us and failed and others have mimicked us with their worded gimmicks to try and fool their customers.


We even had some painters down in the US tell us we were running down the painting industry. We have this to say to them that there is enough work out there why would we have to go lower our rates. Guess what when I said to them that is right there is enough work out there for everyone why are you worrying about little old us in a different country. We have had some painters tell us that it is impossible to make any money do not worry if I make bread and water I am helping others that is what we our doing. We have others say they tried affordable exterior painting or interior prices but told us they can’t make any money. Why copy us do your own thing.


We have others tell me we can not paint a room as fast as we are, I always tell them it all comes down to what you believe. Before the four-minute mile was broken it was considered impossible for humans to run that fast now so many can run faster. Nothing is impossible and our low cost painting is only because we can years of experience, skill, knowledge combined with an ability to see how to refine any process and make it better.


Affordable room painting is not a gimmick, a trick or a play on words, we are not going to cut corners or take anything from you it is all about you getting more value for your money when it comes to house painting in London.

At Painters London we do not have the need to take advantage of anyone.


Another thing we do not need you if you do not believe or are skeptical, moody or retentive please we do not want you anyways. Yes, you heard me right retentive find someone who appreciates your kind of personality we do not want your negative uptight vibes in our lives. If you are the kind of person who screams or reacts like there is a fire for the little things in life and not responds and can see that there is always a solution to resolving the concern. I do not need you or want your kind.


We like happy people, appreciative people, those who want house painting and also see the value of their money and wish it could go to more than just home painting. Life is to short enjoy it!


Yes you heard me appreciative and happy naturally most people this will fall in but there are those that no who they are that no matter how good something is they want to pick it apart. Then there are those who make it look like they got it together but in reality, their life sucks and they want yours too as well.

There are some that get down on their hands and knees with a big light and a camera to show something that you can not see until it is zoomed to the max they can not see it either. Then there are those who believe you made too much money more than them so they will keep some or they will find something so they can justify the payment.

Get a life nothing is perfect it definitely was not perfect before and it is never going to be. We are human not robots but as professional affordable painters, we still provide good quality painting that is good, not perfect.


We can not tell if you are one of those people with one meeting, No one can you should no if others tell you that nothing seems out of place if you get upset or frustrated when something is moved or not how you put it.

If you have to take pills for the headaches you are getting from your coworkers driving you, up the wall from them doing things not your way. And it is everyone else’s fault never your own doing. Wait that last one is everyone sorry. We rather not do house painting for you if you can not smile and enjoy life.


If you read this wow good if you are a happy person if not then you need to find the away to be happy go find something that made you smile laugh in the past and fill your life with it. We are not super educated painters on the norm what we are good at is seeing the colours of the rainbow and appreciating how we can transform a home from the boring to newly fresh painted homes.

As residential painters this by far is the most rewarding as we get to see the smile on the customers face as it is as they imagine or better.  If you are looking for affordable painters and Christian painters then maybe we will be the perfect affordable house painters in London for you.

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