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Some times to find the best exterior, interior house painters you have to say what is the best is it superior painting that takes them for ever and a day to paint one room I have an aunt best painting you could ever imagine but no one has that much patience to have her paint one room. So is the top best painters how good they are at talking and convincing you to sign on the dotted line. Are they good at Exterior as well as Interior or are they just good at nothing. Inexpensive painting or expensive painting usually the latter with signing contracts.

How about Fast One Day Painters that hire so many students or amateurs to get your job done in one day.

Or is the best based on speed or fastest painters no I do not think so as you might not count quality then. 

Is it how much they are trained or experience or are we just taking what their franchise website says and not looking at the owner and seeing he has no experience painting.

Looking at one painting you will see they have many years experience but the truth is only one person in the franchise does not the individual owners in your city that are about to paint your home.

Doing exterior painting do they really know how to place their ladders to keep themselves safe and even if they have been trained will they remeber as they do not have the experience of doing time and time again.

Do they know how to prevent their brushes from dripping and still have a full loaded brush.

Well if speed and quality is not the answer how about punctuality or dedication everyone can be late a few minutes but just not coming time and time again. Dedication well this is huge so many painters and. Contractors over book or jump from one job to the next never finishing one job first. The will not be fast one day painters when they do not finish what they started.

Affordable House Painters

How about affordability of house painting exterior or interior being the most affordable painters has it benefits only if the painting quality is professional and also includes the other things above time to paint, as well as service of the painter before and afterwards. As affordable house painters we have to offer so much more than those who charge so much more for you never question their credibility or quality.  

Budget Painting 

Offering discount painting or budget painting is sometime harder than being the norm inexpensive painting you have to be smarter when it comes to business decisions you have to know how to market and do it yourself no advertising budget. You need to know how to save money and as well as time if you are paying anyone but yourself when we first started out with lower prices we had 15 employees now we realize all we were doing was employing people not making money it was headache for break even situation yes we could do so many more houses a year and help that many more people but at what cost.


At PAINTERS LONDON, painting services we take all these things into account and give you professional painters that do not cut corners providing good quality not superior painting God does not paint houses as my dad use to say.  Accountability dedication and punctual all of these we strive for taking only one job on at a time period. Fast we have to be with prices from 1987 we can not look like so many painters that look like they are about to fall asleep on their brush and that becomes the downwards stroke. We are not perfect but try our best to stand behind our workmanship even after we are finished painting.

If we sound like the right fit for your London house painting project then give us a call now at 226-700-0405

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