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When it comes to house painting Home Painters London is by far the most affordable house painters in London offering affordability with good quality painting. See how we can make your next interior or exterior painting project awesome. The Year of white!



At Prices Reduced So Much No Other Painting Company Comes Close !

With Prices Rolled Back To 1987  No Other Painting Company Dares To Come Close To Our Reduced Prices


Deck Staining, Deck Painting Extending The Life


Our deck painters in London can help you with adding a new finish to your deck. How do you decide which one to go with. Deck stains generally last not as long as paints but if you are after the wood look then stain is your only option. 

Paint Can Keep your Deck Looking Good Longer

With a coat of paint it can not only transform the appearance of a deck though at the same time keep the wood protected for a much longer period of time. 

Always remember that paint will hide the look of the wood that is the grain and colour of the wood deck. 

Though deck painting offer far superior durability over stain. There is also deck coatings which are far superior to even paint at a far higher price. We recommend this either as a long term option or as longevity issue in the current deck and extending the life of the deck a few more years than would be possible with paint or stain. 

So What Should I Use Stain, Paint Or  Coatings?

To answer the questions of what you should use all depends on the look you’re after and what condition your deck is in already as a professional painter we would have to asses your deck when we come look to give you a quote. With paint vs coating there is benefits to both the most significant is coatings are better for walking on as paint can be slippery. When hiring us to apply coatings we will make your deck like it was newer  again.

PAINTERS LONDON. painting services specializing in exterior and interior painting, on only residential projects, providing homeowners with affordable highly-skilled, trustworthy, good quality painting allot amazing prices that you say wow to.

Deck Staining Or Deck Painting

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