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(GOD Read on) 


I dreamed of other careers tried nursing just too much politics and paper work for me.  So I returned to as a painter it is what I knew my family has known and done for over five generations. I came back to London working with my dad Angus and his brother Paul. It was like I never left the brush was just part of me. 

Working for them I was never happy so I went on my own again I have owned three painting companies in my life and only closed due to new name or I sold them to other family as I pursued other venues.  In 2014 I was blessed to be able to give you this offer of painting back to the price of my first painting company in 1987 My dad comes from a family of seventeen so painters are plentiful. I am Glad I that being London’s most Affordable Painters has gone so well.


In 2014 I was afflicted with sever club fist I was unable to open my hand and pain ran through out my body. I was told that they would have to operate though had a 80 percent chance to loose mobility. 

Went to seek other opinions first a chiropractor he told me it would take 3 visits a week for a year and each visit was $150 and that would not get rid of the problem just prevent it from getting worst tears came down my face as I knew I could not even afford that I was unable to work now for over 2 months and I had no back up plan from painting or money coming in. 


One day out of the blue I asked my wife to go with me to the Open Door Church down the street. I was not religious or did i have any believe in God I had no reason to desire to go. We went and they started to sing my wife started to cry I asked her why and she said the music was so beautiful. I am thinking great what have I gotten myself into. 

At the end of the service they ask people if they need and praying to come up to the front my wife encourage me to go. On my way I decided in my head that I did not want some hocus-pocus healing, if there was any God out there I wanted to hear his voice. 

When I reached one of the couples who were praying with you for Gods blessing they asked me rate away what could they pray for I let them know i had aliments but i want to first hear the word of God. They said they could only ask so I said fine so they asked for God to come into me and with his voice then they asked me what else I wanted I made it clear again voice first. 

So they prayed again for my arm this time. An hour after getting home i am sitting at the computer and all of a sudden my hand reaches out to grab the mouse as my right hand is my dominate hand and the hand which was clenched in pain the pain was gone hand was fine.


I did not hear Gods Voice I was livid not happy my hand was fine i wanted answers i wait the whole week and on Sunday I went back to Open Door Church in London Ontario pissed. Howard started his speech off how to hear the voice of God!

Really he laid out the most simplest plan to hear Gods voice that i have ever heard. Listen to the voices in your head the voice which tells you do to things follow it’s instructions have faith he said that it was God speaking to you. If it is not God and you had faith and you went down the wrong path God will lead you back. Sounds simple right “YA RIGHT” 


I got home a hour after sitting in front of my computer again I hear this voice. Leave your Dad go on your own drop your prices in half of his I was shocked my dad was already the lowest price in Ontario and God or this voice is making me to drop my prices in half. 

Then I remembered what Howard said have faith so called up my dad and told him he was having coffee with his two other brothers did they ever laugh they said you will starve that he is not even making money and you want to drop it in half more laughing. 


It got worst I had no tools no money and no vehicle!

I asked my dad for a few tools to borrow and to buy the van I just sold to him he wanted double what i sold it to him less than a month earlier on payments. 

For two months God walked me through what to do step by step building website how to market it even if it as against everything the Seo Gurus said in a month I was at 3 listing on Google. Within in 3 months I was at first 


The first month I made more than all my relatives combined as it was winter but I was busy swamped less than a year went by my dad came to work for me the rest is history.


So when I say God Is Blessing You I really mean it this is a gift from God through me. So take advantage of Gods Gift Affordable House Painting In London Ontario.

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