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London House Painting


The affordable London house painting company, has been providing good quality painting for budget conscious homeowners. It does not matter if the home painting is cheap if we do not provide good quality painting. Our prices are so low it could be considered the best painting sale prices ever. 

Most Affordable House Painting

Yes we consider ourselves the most affordable home painting painters in London! When it comes to painters painting at affordable or cheaper rates no one yet has dared to compete with us a few fools tried and failed badly. How can we stay London’s  most affordable painters easy we have 5 generations of passed on skill and knowledge it runs in our blood. 

Big House High Mortgage No Money To Paint

With such high mortgages most Canadians are house rich but bank account poor, Scraping by with huge debt and still being able to provide for their kids activities. This why we felt it was time to help some of the working class homeowner.

Why Such Awesome Painting Sale Prices

Why because we can and God said so, What? Yes it may sound crazy but God told us to help others and in doing so he has also help us made great friends and know that so many people have saved so much of their hard earned income from home painting that they where able to use it on other things they also value.

Lower Painting Prices Help


One of my first customers bought their kids really nice Christmas gifts and other built a deck that their new home did not even come with imagine opening the screen door on a second floor and their is no deck. Another went on vacation and some put it to activities such as memberships to golf or a gym. This brings joy to know that these people are doing more with what they earned.


Governments Need More Money

We also believe minimum wage is too high, it did not help the lower income families it only helped the government as they now get more tax money more on your wage. As well when you spend it and to top that off even more for products and services have gone up.  In reality minimum wage earner have less now than they did before.  Government is not going to help they are trying to keep afloat but at the same time trying to make everyone think they are doing well by spending foolishly little bit here and there support more charities help the poor who are not poor but richer than the worker making minimum wage.

Who Looses The Most 

That is easy to answer the middle class become the working poor as they are now only a few dollars in wages different than the minimum wage earners do you think anyone else got a $5 increase in the past few years. That is only since the liberals have been in. Wow if you did that by percentage it would have to be a lot larger increase for middle class.


Why would they help lower the cost of home ownership? The higher the prices of homes mean more tax revenue more tax means they have more money and they can borrow more against it so they can spend more. Does that not sound like most people and credit cards. 

We keep on asking the Government to support this program and that program and fix this and that. The biggest problem is there is no accountability to who gets what and why and when.

The Rant Poor Are Not Poor in Canada

Have Kids And Be On Welfare

We paint for so many different people from the rich to the poor and so many people tell us their story.  Now on social services a single person receives $800 have room mate which is actually your partner and you get $1600 not bad for not working. 

What about kids add $300 for each Kid say you have 2 kids now it is $2200 add $600 for each kid for child allowance form government that is $3400 tax free with dental, medical plan for medicine and glasses and a bus pass for everyone as well as free community centre programs for kids and to top it off they can get subsidized rent as well as hydro and union gas their kids can go to college free as they make under the $30000.  


Let’s give them more they are just sitting at home but they can put their toddlers in daycare and then go to mall or do whatever they desire paid free time with no responsibility.

Wait 2 minimum wage earners have to work 40 hours a week to only make $7400 more after taxes a year and with 2 kids they do not get child allowance they make too much they will get no dental or medical plan to cover medicine glasses or bus passes. They have to spend more on bring a lunch to work and better clothes as sweat pants will not do. 

They work 2000 hours to get only $7400 more which is actually less when you add in just the dental or medicine not counting bus pass or the subsidized rent and their kids will never go to college as they make to much to get the free college.

$7400 works out to only $616 a month more. now add in dental and extra prescription medical $200 per month for two kids. Bus pass to get to work $200 for two people. That leaves you $216 more than the bum sitting at home which can work just does not want to. But wait you need better clothes than sweat pants to go to work and can not get way with wearing the something day after day also you need to  pack a lunch their is no money left less than the person who sits at home. not vey encouraging to go to work.

The Cost Of Home Painting You Can Not Afford

This is why we started affordable house painting it is kind of funny we thought we would get more poor or working poor but it turns out that is not even 5% of the customers that get us to paint most are middle class or well off. 

We wish more working poor would call us but they can’t even afford house painting that is sad. 

Painting should never become a luxury service everyone should be able to afford painting as it personalized your home. Adding colour to your walls fresh it up the ceiling and making the trim crisp again is a pleasure to have done in your home.

We are putting the money back in your pocket affordable house painting. Times are more expensive than they ever have been more and more people in the big cities are not buying homes and are deciding on staying renters this also has an impact as it has now created a shortage of rental properties and supply and demand are increasing rental rates to the point that the average person has to move. 

Moving to London

Real Estate prices on London Ontario homes are drastically increasing putting homeownership out of the reach of many younger or first time potential buyers. Prices will continue to rise as people move from larger more expensive cities some selling their homes for good money and then using that to completely be debt free and pay the house right off. Most of these people see London homes as a steal and are willing to create a bidding war over the home. As painters we would normally welcome higher prices but this is not good for anyone as ballooning prices not just on houses but in all things you can see it climb noticeably on  building materials then all things will follow as well as services and then your food. 

How can you help: Pay it forward by helping in anyway you can 

If we can do it at Home Painter London so can you 

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