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Affordable House Painters London Ontario | Painters London

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London Painters has been serving London area since 1987.

We provide professional painting services to the London area.


Our London house painting services include interior painting from the master bedroom to painting of living rooms or your complete entire home painted.

We also do condos or even apartments for residential painting in a non commercial setting.


Our painting interior services include pre-painting wall preparation which include covering fixing or repairing any holes or cracks on the walls. 

Larger holes from door knobs or breaks require more time to dry before applying a layer of paint. 

Do to this the painting job will have to more than a few rooms of walls to paint.


As a London paint contractor our painting services include not only interior painting but exterior.

From all aspect of protecting your home exterior paint or stains or also driveway sealing thus making your exterior of your home looking great

We also paint stucco ceiling with oil or paint and caulk wood trim such as baseboards, doors and door frames, window casings, fireplace mantels, book shelving.

We also do kitchen cabinet refinishing or your bathroom vanity painting.


Also our professional home painters can clean strip and stain your wood decks or porches, or hand rails. 

We also stain or paint fence and gates to make your London home.

We also do epoxy floors not just for garages but also basements or any other concrete floor you would like a strong durable finish for.


when you need your house condo or apartment painted you can trust professionals like Painters London to do the job. 

Check out our painting reviews you will happy you choose use to paint for you

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