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Affordable House Painters London Ontario | Painters London

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Looking for affordable house painter in Ilderton, Ontario near me we will become your first choice.

Our great low painting prices now in Ilderton Ontario At $35/ room for 2 coats painting walls; that is for a 10 x 10, 8 feet high or 100 square foot. If you have bigger rooms to be painted its easy to figure out: 5 room minimum unfurnished.

Furnished now at $55 for the same room with only 3 room minimum wow now that is awesome house painting prices.  To keep our prices this low we have to ask our customers to help themselves save money, by moving the furniture to the centre of the room.

Your Local Ilderton Painters 

At Painters London we keep it simple for our customers that are painting their Ilderton home. we keep it so simple that even our free painting quote are done in minutes and handed to you before we leave. No pressure sales tactics no contracts just amazing customer service with our unbeatable unlimited workmanship guarantee and awesome affordable prices that we are sure we will put smile on your face.

It Gets Better More Savings

We pass on our full contractors painters discount to you as you supply paint. When so many other painting companies keep this it can be thousands of dollars that you could be putting in your pocket not the painters. Available at any professional paint stores from Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Para or Deluxe Paint Stores.

As professional house painters we will make your home look good with new colours and clean straight cut ins. 

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