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Painters London affordable house painting is what we are known for though this is only part of what makes us so amazing. 

We have no problem if you want to spend more money to get less. We guarantee that you will not  even find what we offer at even 5x the price. 

Do not pay more because of flashy new vans or that they put on clean shirts when they enter your home just to take them off. 

We will not pull the wool over your eyes to go out and buy new vans or wear new shirts we are house painters and we will not put on a show for you.  

Real Painters Have Paint On Them


The most painters could not paint at our speed most will tell you to paint a room in 15-20 minutes is impossible that is there setup time alone. 

They will only move so fast, as they do not want to go home and be exhausted from a days work. 

Todays workers believe that when they get home they are now living life so they must reserve energy for that time. This is what sets us apart painting is our life it is what feeds us it is what gives us what we want. 

Businesses have cost associated and no painting business can do it for nothing.  So how do we do it so low easy being faster is only a small portion of our secret. Great business management amazing service so we get painting referrals from happy customers.

Family Painters Painting Company

As a family owned and run painting company we have been providing painting services in Ontario for over five generations that is can you believe to the early 1800’s.

Interior and Exterior Painting 

We offer Interior painting or exterior painting for your residential home at prices that can not be beat. At prices from 1987 why even bother looking anywhere else. 

If you really like to pay more for less we will not stop you.  We will be the better painters with more to offer than all other professional painting services companies   more skills, training and knowledge.

Why pay more for less get more and pay less. Give us a call and get more right away.

Mon - Fri 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM 

Sat 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM 

Sunday: Closed

73 Homan St London Ontario N5Z1A9