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Foyer Painting High or Low

The foyer or entrance of your home is the mouth of your home and tells so much about your home is it clean and inviting is it freshly painted.

Your foyer paint colour sets the mood for the rest of your homes interior. 

By setting the mood for your visitors or your family when the first thing they see is fresh and clean as well as lively they are inclined to stay in that mood.

Colour Choices. 

When choosing colour it is best to be light and lively it is very important to remember this room leads off to other rooms so be complimentary  to the colour of the furniture and pictures near by.

Your foyer can be the highest room in the house. All imperfections will be seen if you choose paint sheens that are to shinny we recommend the lowest paint sheen to can live with to hide builders mistakes.

With our price’s your foyer if higher will be more expensive due to difficulty though do not worry we will still be very affordable.

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