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Healthy, environmentally-wise paint choices.

We like to think at Painters London we are eco-friendly house painters that are concerned for our own family as well as yours that even includes your pets.  

At Painters London we realized along time ago that we had to be more responsible for the enviroment not just the air quality in your home but the future drinking water of all of our children.   We make it a high priority to never wash the gallons of paint down the drain that so many other painters are doing when cleaning they’re tools. Paint chemicals that may not be removed before being used again for drinking water.

Painters London is doing its part in looking at ways to have less of a footprint on the planet. It may cost us more money but it is worth it to save this world for our kids. We did all this without raising our prices.

At Painters London we have also eliminated the use of tape in most of our painting projects. This means we have to be more skilled painters which is a win for the homeowner.

We ask you to do the same by choosing environmentally friendly paint be it for your next interior painting job or the exterior painting of your London Ontario House.

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